You could spend an entire day at David Alan's Marketplace, discovering all the delights tucked away in this culinary treasure trove. David Alan's Marketplace has been pleasing people from New Jersey (and others from outside of New Jersey) with a unique lunch experience for the past 15 plus years!


David Alan's Marketplace first opened its doors in 2002 in East Hanover right off of Route 10. Initially starting as a small deli, David Alan's Marketplace soon became a local favorite of the people of New Jersey, as well as the early morning commuters. David Alan's Marketplace became so popular, lines would begin forming as early as 9 am, and would sometimes wrap around the entire building. As David Alan's Marketplace popularity grew, so did its size and variety over the years. 


David Alan's Marketplace began expanding its' portfolio of cuisine options such as offering gourmet salads, a chef-inspired salad bar, a Mexican station, personal & roman pizzas, acai bowls, and much more. 


David Alan's Marketplace is owned and operated by David Alan Caterers, a full-service off-premise catering company that started in 1986.

Pitaya Bowl East Hanover NJ
Mexican Food - East Hanover, NJ
Pizza - East Hanover, NJ